Murder trial continues over Mr Pizzaman death

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A MOBILE phone belonging to murdered Lutterworth takeaway boss Dogan Dogan was found in a car owned by one of the men facing charges over his death, a court heard.

Mr Dogan owner of Church Street takeaway Pizzaman was found dead in a bed-sit flat above another of his businesses Aladdins takeaway in Leicester on January 8 this year.

He had suffocated after being tied up and gagged with cloth.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Birmingham Crown Court heard how two of the men facing trial for his murder Wali Khan (32) and Naveed Naveed (28) were arrested at a petrol station near Watermead Country Park in Leicester.

The mobile phone belonging to Mr Dogan was found in the car.

The court heard how Naveed denied any knowledge of the phone and in interview initially claimed it belonged to Khan.

More details of Naveed’s interviews were read out in court in which he admitted visiting the flat in which Mr Dogan had died the evening before the murder.

He said he had visited the flat with Khan between 10 and 11pm with a view to renting it for his girlfriend.

Detectives had asked Naveed why he would be looking at the flat so late at night and he said it was because Khan told him Mr Dogan was only there late at night. Later in another interview Naveed claimed he had scratched himself on something in the flat while he was there. Naveed was questioned on his movements later that evening and said he had gone back to his home with Khan who had asked whether he could borrow his car.

Her had said ‘yes’ and then said he did not see Khan for a few hours.

Naveed said he, Khan and the other defendant Sarwar Gader (35) had driven to Luton in the early hours of Sunday, January 8, to have breakfast.

He said this was not unusual as they would sometimes travel to Birmingham or elsewhere in the country on Sundays.

The court also heard some of the early interviews detectives had with Gader who after his arrest initially claimed he had been drinking with a neighbour the evening before the murder.

At the court last Thursday, Johnny Booker, who was the manager of Pizzaman, said he spent the evening working with Mr Dogan before Mr Dogan left in the early hours to go back to his Leicester flat.

Mr Booker said Mr Dogan had been very happy and was a hard working, nice guy.

The court also heard how it was pure chance that the suspects were seen on CCTV allegedly throwing latex gloves and items belonging to Mr Dogan onto the roadside.

They had been captured on a private camera belonging to a homeowner, the jury was told.

His possessions were found at the roadside by a passer-by, who contacted police.

The trial continues.