Daring helicopter escape plot foiled by guards at Gartree Prison

AN INCREDIBLE plan by two prisoners to escape Gartree Prison by helicopter was foiled by guards, the Daily Star Sunday has reported.

The paper says it was told by a prison insider the plan was hatched by gang leader Mark Osborne and hitman Wayne Collins.

But guards at the prison received a tip-off about the plot and made them wear striped outfits given to potential escapees.

They were then transferred to high-security prisons, reported the paper.

HMP Gartree was the scene of Britain’s only other helicopter prison escape in 1987, when murderer Sydney Draper and robber John Kendall were sprung from the prison exercise yard.

The prison insider told the Daily Star: “Osborne and Collins were plotting to escape.They had built up a plan and had been raising the funds for the operation for months.

“There were suspicions they were still involved in drug dealing and it is believed the money from the drugs was to fund the escape.

“Word is they were getting outsiders to fly a chopper into the yard.”