Billiemay urges potential carnival royalty to come for the crown

Carnival Queen Billiemay Laver. (Mail Picture: Andrew Carpenter/MHMP 001610-34)
Carnival Queen Billiemay Laver. (Mail Picture: Andrew Carpenter/MHMP 001610-34)

Girls from Harborough and the surrounding district are being given the chance to be crowned this year’s Carnival Queen.

The Mail has launched the search to find the girl who will be Queen of the Carnival parade and who will also make special appearances at town events throughout the year.

The Carnival Queen has all eyes on her as the floats parade through town, and this year the honour of wearing the coveted crown could be yours.

Current Carnival Queen Billiemay Laver has urged other girls to come forward to participate in the contest and to take her crown.

She said: “It has been a really good year because I have done lots of different events and it has been quite exciting.

“It is quite a good thing to do. I wasn’t that confident before and it has boosted my confidence as well.

“I think it would be a really good thing to put on your CV as it shows that you’re good with the public as well.”

As well as being at the head of Carnival, the role also involves being a VIP at various functions during the year, including taking part as a guest of honour at the annual Late Night Shopping festival in Harborough.

In the past, Carnival Queens have used the position as a platform to raise awareness of issues dear to them or to raise money for charity.

Being a Carnival Queen can look great on your CV for when you apply for a job, or for a position at a college or university.

There have also been Queens who have supported groups or causes in the community.

The winner will also get a cash prize of £150 and the runner-up - or Maid of Honour - will get £100.

So if you are aged 13 or over and think you would enjoy the experience, now is the time to apply.

The appointment is based on personality.

The selection night for the 2014 contest will take place at The Angel Hotel in Harborough on Tuesday, April 29.

Last year’s Carnival Queen was Billiemay Laver, pictured here with crown and the coveted Carnival Queen Cup, which has all the names of past queens etched upon it.

Carnival committee chairman John Bush said: “Do not be afraid to put yourself forward, you will find your friends support you and some may even be tempted to compete against you.”
The deadline for entries is Friday, April 18.

You can enter yourself for Carnival Queen by emailing and explaining in fewer than 1,000 words why you would like to be The Queen. Make sure to include your contact details and a photo.