Appeal to help keep Beavers’ group alive

An urgent appeal has been issued for leaders to save a Beaver colony which will have to fold unless more volunteers come forward.

The Comanche Beavers, which are part of the 1st Bowdens Scout Group, is under threat of closure because it cannot find any helpers to run the group.

The 18 Beaver scouts, who are all aged six to eight, will have to stop scouting after Easter if a new leadership team cannot be found. David Sawford, the 1st Bowdens group leader responsible for the management of scouting, said: “The existing leaders have worked tirelessly to provide excellent fun and adventure but due to work and other scouting commitments, they cannot continue.

“The 1st Bowdens Scout Group has more than 150 members and is the largest scout group in the Harborough District.

“However, due to the increasing success of the group, the leadership team are becoming overstretched and we would welcome any offers of support.”

The group meets every Wednesday at the scout hut in The Green in Little Bowden.

The group is an active one – recently 11 of the Beavers earned their bronze award thanks to their activities in creativity, fitness, friendship and adventure.

If you are aged 18 or over and are interested in helping with the Comanche colony, contact Mr Sawford by calling 07447 006699 or by emailing

More details are also available at the website.