Annie’s music notes: Room for Music is pitch-perfect

Annie Lees is the Mail's online music writer.
Annie Lees is the Mail's online music writer.

In an age where it is all too easy just to pick up a mobile phone and lose an evening to Candy Crush, having something like Room for Music on our doorstep really is a breath of fresh air.

Room for Music is owned and run by Mike Heaps.

With no shortage of musical experience under his belt, including playing the violin, Hammond organ, guitar, drums and bass, he decided some time ago to take this gift and pass it on.

Now a qualified music educator, he has backed himself with an equally impressive team to offer young (and old) wannabe rock stars the chance to dabble in whatever field of music they fancy.

Be it picking up a guitar, singing, music tech or the one-off classes educating us about the ins and outs of the music business.

Band classes start from ages seven to 11, with some sessions open to people of all ages.

If you’re a beginner and not currently in possession of an instrument, worry not, the guys provide you with all the necessary instruments and equipment. Obviously, you are welcome to bring your own should you wish, but if you want to have a dabble before investing in the guitar of your dreams, you can do that with these guys.

There’s no limit to learning here, with the team extending their expertise to host parties and even corporate and team-building events.

That’s got to be a lot more fun than raft-building in the rain, surely?

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Annie Lees, of Fleckney, is the Mail’s online music writer.

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