Annie Lees’ column: Last-minute dinner party strife

Annie Lees
Annie Lees

Is there anything worse than juggling your job with a last-minute dinner invite?

Sat at work knowing you’ll have, at most, 45 minutes to throw together something edible whilst hoovering and putting the children to bed...

In the end giving up all hope of cobbling together the full sit-down meal shebang, I opted for ease over substance: I shall do a cheese board.

Quick, sociable and, providing no guests have a dairy allergy, always a winner.

With a fridge full of post-Christmas cheese and enough time in my tea-break to duck out and purchase chutneys and other onion-based accompaniments, this is the way to go.

As I nip out, the nagging inkling that I had forgotten something crept over me.

Wine! No wine!

I have a bona fide wine buff coming for supper (it’s taken on an altogether more middle-class title now there’s no knives and forks involved and is being served on slate) and no wine.

I have five minutes left of my break and no wine so I turn on my heels and dash to the only man I know who can help, Duncan Murray.

Flustered, panicked and completely clueless, I run into Duncan Murray Wines and mouth the words “wine”, “cheese” and “quickly”.

And within 20 seconds I have two wrapped bottles, a 2012 Du Clos Rocher de Vierge and a La Ferla Nero D’Avola.

Yet again all hail Duncan for faultless choices, impeccable customer service and for sparing me that awful 15 minutes standing in Sainsbury’s staring cluelessly down the wine aisle, resorting to picking out the one with the prettiest label.

Column by Annie Lees, of Fleckney.

Annie is also the Mail’s online music writer.

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